Using Graphics in Project 5

This is the post for the January 12, 2015 class meeting.

Apologies for the delay in today’s post. I’ve been sick all weekend. Glad we’re not meeting in the classroom, because I don’t want to share these sneezing, sniffling, coughing germs with you. I’m working to get graded work back to you, but this virus has me behind.

Today, you read about how to choose and document graphics that you use in your writing. Tomorrow, we’ll do peer review and submission of Project 5.

Readings for January 12

For today’s session, please read the following:

  • Tips on Choosing and Using Graphics.
  • Chapter 2 of Markel (“Understanding Ethical & legal Considerations”).
  • Chapter 8 of Markel (“Creating Graphics”).
  • Appendix A of Markel (“Documenting Your Sources”).

Work for January 12

  • Continue work on your fifth project.
  • Be sure to complete the reading quiz on Chapters 14 of Markel by 11:55 PM tonight (1/12).
  • Go to Tests & Quizzes in Scholar, and complete the reading quizzes on Chapters 2 and 8 of Markel by 11:55 PM on Tuesday, January 13.
  • If you have any questions about the assignment, go to the Questions about Project 5 in the forum and add them.


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