Project 5 FAQs

These questions usually come up as people work on Project 5. If you have any other questions about the assignment, go to the Questions about Project 5 in the forum and add them.

Do we have to choose a STEM career since the assignment is for students interested in those careers? 
Use whatever career you are planning on for yourself. We’ll assume a very wide definition of STEM.

Do I have to use the same career choice that I used for other projects this term?
No, you can focus more (e.g., Web Developer instead of Computer Science) or choose something else if you wish.

Does it have to be exactly 500 words?
It’s hard to say precisely how many words you will need since I do not know how you might incorporate headings or images. The best advice is to use your space wisely by trying for one of these lengths:

  • Fill up one sheet of paper with words and images.
  • Fill up a page and a half with words and images.
  • Fill up two pages with words and images.

Essentially, create a nice looking sheet of information, and worry more about making it look nice on the page than about the precise number of words.

Can I structure the instructions for a student with advanced knowledge of the field? 
No.  Your job is to add a short instruction sheet that the student could follow to complete a simple task while shadowing you at work. So you need to choose something that any random student could complete. You’re aiming for only 500 words or less, so the task does not need to be complicated.

Do we need to cite the sources for all of our photos?
You should cite any work that is not your own. If you didn’t take a photo, you need to provide a citation. There’s a page of FAQ answers if you need more info. You can also look at the information in your textbook on pp. 185–186.



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