Peer Review for Project 2

For peer review on Project 2, follow this basic process:

  • Post drafts for Project 2 in the forums.
  • Respond to two students in the forums.
  • Revise your Project 2 based on the feedback.

Posting Your Drafts for Project 2

  1. Go to the Project 2: Analysis of Writing in Your Field forum, and start a new topic:
    • Give the topic your name or your username, and your career or field (e.g., “Traci, college writing instructor”).
    • If you do not want to share your last name in the forums, change it in your Google Doc to a pseudonym. You can use a generic last name like Doe or Smith, or you can change it to Lastname.
    • Share the link to your spreadsheet in Google Docs (and your analysis memo, if you wrote one). You can follow these instructions to make your link clickable.
    • If you have any specific concerns that you want your readers to consider, add a note on that as well.
  2. Be sure to Preview your forum post to make sure everything shows up the way you want it to, and then Submit your message.

Replying to Project 2 Drafts

Next, you will reply to the posts of some of your classmates:

  1. Go to the Project 2: Analysis of Writing in Your Field forum, and read the drafts of at least two of your classmates and add a reply with advice and encouragement (more below).
    • Find one post that no other student has replied to (so that we can be sure everyone gets a reply).
    • Find a second post that has only one other student reply.
  2. Use the Share link to go to your classmate’s draft on Google Drive and do the following:

    • Check the title of the document(s), and add a comment to tell your partner if it is clear and effective.
    • If you notice any spelling errors, punctuation errors, or typos, mark them as you read, but please focus more on the content rather than editing.
    • Add comments on the content of the draft. Comment on at least three things your classmate does well and at least three things that your classmate could improve on. It’s fine to include more than the minimum number of comments.
    • If your classmate has included the optional analytical memo, check whether the draft addresses all six characteristics of technical communication. If anything is missing, add a comment that lets your partner know.
  3. Go back to the forums and add a reply to your classmate’s topic that includes this information:

    • Add an overall comment that sums up what you thought of the draft(s).
    • Give your classmate some encouragement.

Reviewing the Comments You Received

Once you have finished adding comments to your classmates’ projects, return to your own draft, read the comments that your classmates have given you, and add replies as appropriate. For instance, you might thank your partner for catching an error, ask your partner for more detail on feedback you don’t understand, or share a revision and ask your partner if it is an improvement. Your goal is to reply by mid-afternoon so that your classmate can respond if you need more information.


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